Meet pikala


Meet pikala

Our Team

Maria Bueno (co-founder), CEO

Industrial Engineer, Management & Business specialization, Universidad Metropolitana (Ccs, Venezuela)

Master of Technology, Innovation and Education, Harvard University (Boston, Massachusetts)

Maria has a substantial experience on e-learning platforms and educational games, trying to balance the instructional content with engagement. She has experience in entrepreneurship, management, and real estate. She also has taught private classes for +8 years of Math, English, Spanish, Science, Physics, and others. 

Francisco Dopazo (co-founder), CFO

Industrial Engineer, Management & Business specialization, Universidad Metropolitana (Ccs, Venezuela)

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  

Francisco is an investor at JPMorgan Asset Management covering both institutional and individual clients from Latin America. Before JPMorgan, he led the Caribbean division of Latmedical – a US startup that provides consulting services and distributes medical products across Latin America. He also holds studies in Real Estate Finance and Law from Harvard University. 

Maria Acedo (co-founder), Academic Leader

Master of Education, Learning Development and Cognition Specialist, Universidad Católica (Ccs, Venezuela)

Doctoral Candidate Instructional Technology and Distance Education, Nova University (Florida)

Maria investigates innovative ways of teaching and communicating knowledge through appropriate technology. She has a vast experience in learning disabilities, e-learning projects, instructional technologies, and distance education.

Martin de Santos (Board of Advisors)

Martin is an education entrepreneur with an extensive experience on educational technology products. He is the director and co-founder of Tipitap, a company that specializes in creating touchscreen learning experiences for young learners. With his experience on gaming and education startups, he advises Pikala on the game design and the business strategy of the company. He is also the co-founder of Handouts, Tapioca and HappiTaps.

Martin Capriles (Board of Advisors)

Martin Capriles is an active entrepreneur, serving as Managing Partner of PTO Capital and Metal Capital, two related financing entities with investments in metals, retail, renewable energy, and cyber/education. He is an experienced executive with track record in M&As, corporate finance, administration, strategy and operations. He is also founding partner and investor in STUDIGY, an innovative startup working at the intersection of education, technology and media.


Lead the process of customizing learning solutions using research based practices in Educational Technology


Offer educational innovations in different areas of knowledge to generate meaningful and deep learning

our principles

Learning improves when interdependence increases: interaction and perceptions

Objective learning improves by depth and speed of game playing

Social interaction and gaming activities improve retention

Learning is meaningful when linked to learner's knowledge structure

Learning is deep when transferred to new situations

Competition enhances learning and motivation

Motivation increases accuracy